Artesano Tapas Vino Y Mas

You step into Artesano and you instantly feel it – you’re on a vacation…but you’re also home. The sights…the background music…the aromas. Whether you’re sharing tapas with friends or dining with that special someone, Artesano is your mini Spanish getaway right here in Louisville.

Chicharritas con Salsas
A mix of plantain, yucca and taro root chips, served with 3 different sauces, cilantro – avocado, roasted pico de gallo, Cuban mojo $3.99

Spanish style meatballs, sofrito, Manchego Cheese. $9
Sandwich Cubano
Roasted Cuban pork, Imported Swiss cheese, sweet pickles, mustard, Neuske’s smoked ham, Cuban bread served with Latin mixed chips and Cuban mojo $14
Churros Chocolate
Chocolate Spanish style doughnuts coated with sugar, served with Mango picoso, milk chocolate with cajeta, red berries and port for dipping $8

This place is fantastic! The only negative for us is the menu is not very kid friendly if you have picky eaters. Our son tried the “chips” and trio of dips, but the only thing he really liked was the chocolate churros. The meatballs are my favorite 🙂

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