Spring Break 2018

This year our son went with my mother in law to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and we were left at home to contemplate our existence. We all survived!

It’s been awhile since I went out for a beer and dessert just because I felt like it. This IPA and cookie skillet from World of Beer hit the spot!
While I was indulging, he was out exploring nature.

And visiting aquariums…
Back to us – we went to a baseball game in Cincinnati vs the Cubs. It ended up being rained out, but we had a blast anyway!
The newly opened Scouts Club at the Reds stadium is really nice and has a huge selection of food and beverages.

And the Scouts Club seats are right behind the home dugout.
Indoors, is really nice too. 

I will never pass up the opportunity to eat a Skyline coney dog at a baseball game.
Or Frisch’s fries with tartar sauce…
Meanwhile the kiddo is still having a blast driving go-carts 

As our family is reunited, we headed back to Cincinnati for some Top Golf!
Always impressed with their food offerings. We snacked on these heavenly pretzel bites. They disappeared quite quickly.

This trendy Mexican spot was on a 2 hour wait, but we will come back to give it a shot.
Last but not least, the pup was happy we were all back together so that he could enjoy some long walks around the neighborhood.

Until next time…

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