Omni Louisville

An evening at the new Omni Hotel in downtown Louisville is always a treat. We enjoyed eating at the casual, but upscale Neighborhood Services restaurant.

mac ‘n’ cheese
NHS Fried Chicken Sandwich 14
buttermilk chicken/ iceberg/ tomato
mayonnaise/ provalone/ spicy chow-chow
burnt honey mustard/ brioche bun
Big Reuben 15
corned beef/ swiss/ kraut
1000 island slaw/ grilled rye
Sticky Wings 10
local honey/ lemon pepper
pickles/ micro cilantro
I love this piece that hangs in the Omni hallways
The Falls City Market is filled with all kinds of special treats
purely coincidence that we visited on the same evening as this 

My husband dropped his sunglasses in the pool as we were walking around, but have no fear, the kiddo was more than willing to hop in and grab them for us. The joys of being a child!

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